Logo of Hedgie Innovative Solutions - Simon Miklavcic s.p. Hedgie Symbolism - Hedgehog holding an apple as Hedgie is holding Apple iPad The story behind the project...  We are a small group of computer enthusiasts with permanent jobs at the office. A team of colleagues that’s always trying to be creative by inventing new stuff to facilitate our work and make our hobbies even more enjoyable. We admit that our bright ideas were mostly staying on the blueprints for a variety of reasons. That’s why we are proud to introduce you the Hedgie, our first idea brought to life and launched worldwide. At first the Hedgie was developed for our personal use. We hated the limits and troubles of the existing tablet computer mounting soulutions for a different devices and for a different surfaces. We were also not allowed to drill the holes in the walls of our rented office space, so we neded a universal, non expensive solution for our troubles. The idea came up over the night and a prototype was quickly realised. All our friends simply loved it. Them, the actual users of the Hedgie, convinced us to hit the market with it and make it available to the other tablet computer users all over the world. Most of our colleagues devices are Apple iPads, so our mounting solution’s design is unmistakably developed for them, as there is a strong symbolism behind the apple and a hedgehog. In any case our solution is as practical and unique for any other similar tablet computer or device our customers might have. The symbolism of the hedgehog that carries an apple, like our mounting solution figuratively does, is mostly known trough Europe, but a quick search combination of the words “hedgehog” and “apple” in any search engine, within the web browser results for images will reveal symbolics behind it to all the curious. We are sure you will enjoy our product and all our future ones. Your feedback from all around the world gives us the confidence and the motivation, that we are doing the right thing. We’ve recieved a lot of positive feedback from regular users, artists, forensics, arhitects, disco jockeys, interior designers, ASD friends... from all over the world. Our vision is simple. We are not here to compete with other shiny brands and polished products, as there are already thousands of them out there. We are commited to provide alternative, yet comaptible solutions, mostly with the practical value in mind. Our goal is a recognition of our brand and improvement of our products as well as satisfaction of our followers. Sincerely, Simon Miklavčič Watch Hedgie iPad Mounting System Videos on You Tube Follow Hedgie on the Facebook Tweet with Hedgie