Logo of Hedgie Innovative Solutions - Simon Miklavcic s.p. Hedgie on the wall - Ready for iPad Secure iPad or tablet on the table to prevent your child to drop it Use toilet and use toilet paper with both hands free while Hedgie holds your iPad or tablet on the tiles Control your Smart home with Hedgie mounting system Hedgie Ipad background Hedgie - Hedgehog holding iPad with tweets of Hedgie4Ipad With just a gentle press your tablet will be securely mounted in a portrait or landscape orientation, to enjoy movies or cartoons, watch instructional videos while cooking or making repairs, use it as digital photo frame, etc. Hedgie lets you mount your tablet on the wall, glass, tiles, wood, plastic, metal and other surface, wherever you want it and when you want it. Therefore it gives you freedom to enjoy your tablet without holding it.
Hedgies are made from a carefully balanced and extremely durable, special self adhesive  hook & loop material (a type of Velcro). Materials of the highest quality assures a safe and stable grip for your tablet and protects it’s back from scratches. Hedgie is so thin, that iPad or other tablet will still fit in all of your accessories you might already own. Tweeter leaning on the iPad with Hedgehog
VIDEO: REVIEW by Elly Awsome VIDEO: HOW TO VIDEO: STABILITY TEST Hedgie is also a truly unique Gift
Watch Hedgie iPad Mounting System Videos on You Tube Tweet with Hedgie Apple iPad with Hedgie wall mount on it Arrow to show the way Hedgie will go next Follow Hedgie on the Facebook No drilling or tools are required to mount your tablet or iPad with Hedgie